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We are experienced in delivering events ranging from small parties in pubs, through organising street festivals up to participation in large festivals. The size and complexity of the configuration we bring along will depend on the size of your venue and the nature of your requirement.  We have played in venues ranging from fairly small pubs to large festival stages and we can deliver a great party show to any size of party or event.


​For all types of occasion we have some requirements of the venue that will make your event go more smoothly and help us to give our best to you. We are flexible and will be happy to discuss any of the specifications below to make sure we match your needs.


PA and Amplification


·         We have a professional PA system which can be used throughout the event

·         Our aim is to provide a full, clean sound at a volume level suitable for the size of your venue and function.  We want to be loud enough for people to enjoy your party but not so loud that your guests are running for the exits.  This is always going to be subjective, but please let us know before and during the show how we’re achieving this

-        In small – medium venues we provide 2 x full range speakers for an audience of up to 100 people

-        For events in larger venues and outdoor functions we prefer to provide additional bass reinforcement in the PA to improve sound quality but this is subject to time and space constraints during set-up

·         For larger events we also use microphones on our drum kit in order to improve the overall sound quality but require longer setup and sound check for this

·         Please advise us of any requirements you have for the PA in advance and we’ll plan to provide the facilities you need, for example

-        Play MP3s for background music

-        Provide microphones for announcements, raffles, speeches, etc.



·         If your event requires lighting we can also provide professional stage illuminationfor band and guests - 2 stands, each with 4 or 8 top of the range, colour change, LED fittings



·         As a five piece band we need a stage area or free space that is a minimum of 6m x 4m (20 feet x 13 feet) for full band, PA and lighting

·         One 13A 240V electrical supply with RCD protection (most modern switchboards provide this) – ideally by the stage area but can be next to mixing desk


Mixing Desk

·         We have a mixing desk that we can either locate on stage or at the opposite end of the room from the stage area with a sound technician

·         The size of mixing desk we use and complexity of the configuration depends on your requirement – we have a range of desks to suit all sizes of function

·         We will need some space where we won’t interfere with guests and staff – please consider this in your seating arrangements for dinner functions. We will be pleased to discuss layout to cause you least possible disturbance

·         If we use the desk at the far end of the room, we will need a 30m maximum cable run which we need to route so that it doesn’t present a tripping hazard or be exposed to any damage


Outdoor Performance

·         If you are staging an outdoor event, we have some minimum requirements in order to ensure electrical safety and to protect our equipment

·         The entire staging area for band, PA and lighting must be under rain-cover and be level

·         If we locate the mixing desk in front of the stage, the same requirements for weatherproofing apply to the mixing desk as the main stage

·         We would be pleased to discuss these arrangements prior to your booking and have experience in delivering outdoor  performances for events ranging from small parties, neighbourhood / village festivals, all the way up to large festivals


 Setup and Departure

·         We will need about an hour minimum to set up once the equipment is in the venue, depending on the scale of PA and lighting being used

·         We would like a minimum of half an hour to sound check

·         We take about 45 minutes to an hour to pack up and disappear afterwards

·         Level access (or lift) from car park adjacent to the venue is very much preferred – we have some heavy equipment, and setup and departure are shortened if the loading access isn’t too complex


 Public Liability Insurance and PAT Testing

·         We carry full Public Liability Insurance. Proof of this insurance can be found by clicking on the AMPband icon at the bottom of this page

·         All of our equipment is included in an electrical safety checking scheme (PAT certification) based on regular visual inspections and electrical testing

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